About Me

Who am I?


My name is Mark McClure, I’ve been married 10 years, have 3 daughters, and work as a Mental Health Therapist & Army Chaplain. I daily desire to understand and make known the glory of God that is found in Jesus Christ and communicate to others how He wants us to experience and live in this world.  I believe that I learn as much from other people as they learn from me.  Though as a professional therapist I am positioned to help people find answers to problems that they have, I never take for granted the wealth of knowledge and personal experiences that each person brings to the table.  I enjoy connecting with people on an individual level and granting them the respect and dignity that God has bestowed on everyone.  It is through forming personal connections where trust is built, goals are made, and insight is gained.  When we become honest with ourselves and seek the truth rather than what is easy, we begin to grow.  I desire to help people become more self aware so that they can discover those things in life that are only found through brutal honesty and a desire for growth.  God is constantly teaching me how to encourage others to live in such a way that glorifies HIM!

What are my credentials?

  • B.S. Psychology (2010)
  • M.S. Professional Counseling (2013)
    • Licensed Registered Intern in the State of Oregon
  • M.S. Divinity (2017)
    • Ecclesiastically endorsed through Liberty Baptist Fellowship

Professional Experience

  • Job Corps Counselor (2014-2016)
  • Oregon Tech Mental Health Counselor (2016–Current)
  • DHS Child Welfare Counselor (2016–Current)
  • U.S. Army National Guard Chaplain (2015–Current)

What is my purpose here?

I hope to encourage my readers and clients to thoughtfully consider the information I present in my blog, and the dialogue we share in therapy; interacting with it in such a way that it inspires practical change in a positive and meaningful way mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.